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Beth, Fitness Motivators
Master Certified Fitness Instructor
AFAA Certified
AFAA Kickboxing Certified
Z-Box® ZEN Boxer Certified
Tabata Bootcamp Certified
Yoga Flow Instructor
Fitness Motivators Since 2004

In August 2004, Beth made a commitment to herself to improve her health and achieve greater fitness. She has lost 40+ pounds and keeps it off through healthy eating habits and working out regularly. Teaching exercise classes 4 times each week helps Beth to maintain her healthy lifestyle and allows her to reach out to other men and women with their own unique fitness goals!


Two of Beth’s favorite classes to teach are Tabata Training and Circuit Training. Tabata Training includes timed intervals of rigorous activity. Circuit Training incorporates a wide variety of exercise equipment from Bosu Balls to Battle Ropes! Beth also loves the variety of fitness platforms offered in the Ultimate Fitness class.


Beth has been working in the fitness industry for more than a decade and has a variety of nationally recognized fitness certifications. In addition, she is also a 4th grade teacher who enjoys sharing her healthy habits with her students and co-workers. Beth says, “People enjoy life more when they feel healthy. I want to inspire everyone around me to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals!”



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