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Leaders in Offering Quality, Fitness Classes Since 1989!

Fitness Motivators elite instructors are mostly hand-picked from our classes and trained to be great instructors. We take pride in our Team and hope you experience what each talented instructor has to offer. Since 1989 - Creator of Fun, Proven-Result, Innovative Fitness Programs for ALL Fitness Levels! Click on Photos or Names to Read Bios.

Want to become a Fitness Motivators Instructor? Click here to see if you have what it takes!

Donna, Founder of Fitness Motivators
Debbie, also photographer of most of our website pictures!
New Instructor
Danielle - Coming Soon!

We strive to do our best in offering the best program in the area!

The results in our clients keep us motivated and energized!

We teach because we love helping others reach their fitness goals.  

We make fitness fun, yet educational!  

In addition to teaching, most of the Fitness Motivators instructors either have full-time careers and/or children. 

Fitness Motivators' elite instructors are not like other instructors.
All instructors must go through an intense training before teaching on their own.

Fitness Motivators Mission . . . is to promote the maximum increase in fitness in the shortest most EFFICIENT manner, while keeping SAFETY as our Number One concern. We strive to offer a fun, quality fitness program to get you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. We try to change the routines in each class, to expedite maximize benefits for your overall fitness level. Adding our program to your health and fitness plan is just one of the many facets of a complete fitness program.

COMMIT TO BE FIT! Make sure to schedule your workouts as you would any other meeting or important event. When you establish a date and time to exercise, you are less likely to cancel your plans and bail on your workout.

Fitness Motivators Team

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