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"I started Fitness Motivators with my sister-in-law in the spring of 1989 after my daughter was born. Back then the classes were held in a little daycare on White Lake Road. I really enjoyed the program and was impressed with the positive energy that the instructors always had and the friendly atmosphere. I took classes for a couple of years there then I stopped because I was pregnant with my second daughter. It was a long time, probably 10 years or so after that before I realized that I missed exercising and wanted to get myself back in shape. I was at the Highland Middle school for some function and ran into Donna finishing her class. She remembered me from before and encouraged me to start back up. It was so good to see her again. By then Chrissy was teaching with her, so I signed up for the next session. They are both so good at getting everyone motivated and feeling good about themselves. I think that is why I enjoy their classes; they genuinely care about people and want to see everyone succeed, kind of like a second family. I have made much progress since coming back and have lost approximately 35 lbs. Because of the Fitness Motivators' Team, I feel so much better and would be lost without having their classes. I cannot thank them enough for everything they do!!" - Kim Bingham

Kim Bingham

Fitness Motivators did it again! This time for the December 14, 2010 Halftime Show at the Detroit Pistons Game! The Fitness Motivators Team, along with a select few students and Z-Box and Zumba Instructors from Michigan, did a great job with the performance! THANK YOU Performers! Everyone was great and we are so proud! Click photo to view larger image or click here to view the performance on Facebook.


Erika Aalderink (left) and Amy Kitson (right) are the FREE4ALL Winners that we had the week of October 25. The winners received unlimited Fitness Motivators classes at any location for the winter session (January-March).

Letika White (not pictured) was the grand prize raffle winner at the Women's Health and Beauty Fitness Expo. Letika won a Fitness Motivators t-shirt and unlimited classes at any location for the winter session (January-March).

Winners of FREE4ALL Week Raffle

In 2011 workout for the best you! Throughout this New Year try and workout for the best you! Push yourself to your limit, not the limit of someone you workout with. If you are going to one of our group exercise classes try and make every day there count! If you are working too hard, bring it down a bit! You want to make sure you are burning your optimal amount of calories. If you are barely breaking a sweat, turn up the heat! All of our classes give you different intensity levels, use them! By changing up your workout with the slightest difference you will see these small improvements! Stay positive and we are here to support your throughout the year! Use Fitness Motivators as your tool to success! Have a good year and see you in class! Live Happy and Healthy in 2011


Okay... it is 2011 and it is that time of the year where a lot of people are making their New Year's Resolution.... Are you one of them? Are you looking to add fitness into your life? Eat healthier? Stop smoking?The big question is... Do you stick to your New Year's Resolution or are you like 90% of Americans who unfortunately fail at keeping them? Why wait for the New Year? Let's head in the right direction.... Right now! Stop talking and put action to your words!

My new motto... WHY WAIT? more on this article

Fitness Motivators Fit for Forty Plus Tips

"I am in your (Debbie) Wednesday night class and have been for over a year. Your class is the one thing a week I do just for me. In my busy life, I make Wednesday night sacred. When I started your class I had a frozen shoulder and back trouble. I refused surgery and chose fitness. I am not the greatest at the steps or the moves, but it fills my soul and I no longer need physical therapy or surgery. I rave about you to everyone I know. Thanks for your enthusiasm and acceptance of all types of women!"- Kathy

"I can't tell you how much I love your (Debbie) classes!!! I now take 3 classes a week (Z-Box, Zumba, Zumba w/strength training), so all I can say is that's a credit to you!!  I  have found a way to exercise and get a good cardio workout.  I'm going to be 63 this week and I plan on continuing to take classes till I'm so old you'll have to kick me out!!!!  lol. Seriously, thank you so much." - Carol

"This is such a great work out and I have lost 10lbs! Love my instructor. She is fabulous and gets ya going! Never enjoying exercising so much before in my life, because it doesn't feel like a's really fun!! Can't wait for my next class! I highly recommend Z-box to everyone. You're gonna LOVE IT!! I know I do! xoxo" - Donna Marie

"So you know, you (Donna) really bring a life to the class. You are great at helping us ladies look past the flaws we see in the mirror, and I am really grateful to have had you as my teacher." - Jeanette

"I love, love, loved the class!!! I especially appreciate your (Donna) taking a moment to contact us and share your fitness philosophy! . . . I like that you want to inspire people to do what is right for their personal health and fitness. Thank you so much!!!" - Jennifer

"Hey lady (Donna)...everyone LOVED your class and that you were an amazing teacher, and that we would be very lucky to have you out here!!!! They loved your energy, and how you put fun into it. The teachers just raved about it." - Trish


"Never go backward.
Always be movin'
Life is in front of me,
not behind
- from Some Sing, Some Cry
by Ntozake Shange and Ifa Bayeza

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