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Shauna, Fitness Motivators

Growing up with five younger brothers, Shauna could always be found playing all varieties of sports, and when the boys weren't around, she was making up her own dance routines to popular music. In college, she maintained that love of exercise, trying new and challenging courses, like ballet and Tai Chi, that pushed her out of her comfort zone. As an adult, she fell in love with boxing, circuit and boot camp style workouts. After a complete ACL reconstruction and healing, Shauna found the Fitness Motivators team to help her get stronger and work on her weight loss goals.

After just one Z-Box class, she knew she was in the right place and signed up that night for Cardio Boxing and Zumba and loved each one (after the muscle soreness wore off of course!) All of these wonderful instructors were different than most instructors she had before - they genuinely were excited to help you work on you and it showed. They truly embodied their brand to "motivate!" After a few years of classes, Shauna was approached to join them in helping to motivate others and she is enthusiastically humbled to get to do just that as the next challenge in her fitness journey.

When she's not motivating during class, Shauna works full time in the IT industry and enjoys spending every last minute she can get with her husband and daughter.






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