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Debbie has been teaching fitness for over 38 years and joined Donna in 1995 to help make Fitness Motivators a successful, proven-results company. 

Debbie was the first to offer kickboxing at the Orchard Ridge - Oakland Community College campus in the late 1990's (Physical Education Department, under Leonard Cole) and Zumba (January, 2008-present), in the Detroit area. In addition, Debbie was the choreographer for the very first ever Zumba Show at the Detroit Piston games, that Fitness Motivators did. The Fitness Motivators Team did the first-ever Halftime Show and Pre-Game Show at the Palace, for the Piston Games.  Because Fitness Motivators had the "bragging rights" of doing the first-ever shows at the Piston Games, there are now annual Zumba Shows going on today with other local Zumba Instructors.

Debbie, Fitness Motivators Certified InstructorAround 2002, with her twin sister Donna, they decided to blend their specialties together and design a program called Z-Box Fitness. Donna had a special interest in yoga, dance, and body toning, while Debbie had a special interest in boxing, Tai Chi (they used to watch their grandfather practice Tai Chi as young children) and dance. They fused these program together and had different names for this program "Dance Fitness, Total Fitness, etc, before the name Z-Box Fitness (which means Z.E.N. BOX - the Z.E.N. stands for Zone Envision Nature) was born. This program is offered as a CEC training tool for instructors to teach around the country!

Debbie's classes are funky and energetic! But, not only does Debbie teach fun classes, she is also multi-talented. Debbie is the photographer of 99% of our website photos and she is also a professional artist.  Her work can be seen at her Facebook page "Art by Debbie Lim" (LINK:

Debbie is planning to show and sell her work at art fairs and online once she is satisfied with her series that she is currently working on. While working on canvas for many years, her new-found passion (since 2014) is using color pencils. In the 1980s, Debbie designed clothes and sold them in local clothing stores/malls and had over 200 fashion shows that showcased her original designs. You could view a few of her pieces by clicking on this link.

Debbie and her husband, who is a Chiropractic Physician, keeps healthy and fit by exercising together (when Debbie is not teaching one of her classes) and by trying to eat right.  They own a clinic in Brighton and now offer science-based nutrition, health testing, vitamins and supplements, as well as chiropractic care. They have two grown children, grandchildren, their loving dogs and grandpuppies. Their motto in having a successful marriage (28 years and counting):  You must have true love for one another in order to get through the obstacles in life. A lot of the time couples break up for the wrong reasons or they stop trying. We believe in love and we believe in a lot of laughter! 


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