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z-box fitness: The Workout DVD
all fitness levels ~ all ages ~ ALL BODIES


Z-Box Fitness: The Workout DVD
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Z-Box Fitness DVD Includes:
60 Minutes Z-Box Workout
20 Minutes Cardio Boxing Segment Only
20 Minutes Dance Segment Only
10 Minutes Body Toning Segment Only
Bonus! -
30 Minutes Z.E.N. Mat Fusion With Relaxation

Recorded in HD


ZEN Balls
Get a Free Ball* With Each DVD for Z.E.N. Mat Fusion

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While supplies last. Balls are not for sale. Not combined with any other offers or specials. New sales as of March 2013. One free ball with each DVD sale. Random ball color (above) will be shipped. Arrives deflated. Inflate at no more than 70%. Not for children's use under 6 years old. Not responsible for misuse. No return or exchange.

No Refunds|Final Sale
This DVD is very special to us and we appreciate your support! Thank You For Your Order!

DVD Description: It alternates intervals of powerful kickboxing with segments of varied dance moves — all done to super-motivating music. It's a smooth-flowing combination sure to keep you energized and challenged. You get four different kickbox/dance sequences. The kickbox sections feature classic punch, lunge and kick combos, often with a Zen influence (e.g. "start with a dragon stance," "circle your arms over the horizon"). The dance segments are even more varied — from box steps and Charlestons to sassy booty circles and "funky shoulders." Workout has a short dumbbell toning segment. Easier and more complex modifications are shown. DVD includes a bonus 30-minute toning/stretch workout. Requires 1 to 5 lb. dumbbells. ©

Benefits of working out to the Z-Box Fitness DVD:

This Program Caters to All Bodies. All Levels. All Ages.

Z-Box is an exciting program that will keep you moving and before you know it, you've burned between 400 - 900+ calories* in one hour!

Z-Box has it all covered! A fusion of dance, cardio boxing, and body toning, all jam packed in a one hour work! We saved the best for last! Z.E.N. (Zone Envision Nature) gives you a few options...
A. A bonus 30-minute mat workout (using a 7 inch playground ball - optional, purchase from a toy section at any store or the local grocery market) to help tone your entire body.
B. Standing Z.E.N., slow, flowing movement to help stretch your body and relax your breathing. Similar to Tai Chi, but with an urban twist to it.
C. Mat Z.E.N., A complete relaxation experience. Take a moment for yourself enjoy and let go.

*Depending on how you exert yourself, age, body weight, etc. A study with a few Z-Box Fitness Students, while wearing a heart-rate monitor/device, most of the students showed between 400 to 900 calories burned after working out to the Z-Box Fitness DVD. A few of the same students also shown over 900 calories burned. Please consult with your physician before starting this or any fitness program.


"Z-Box is the absolute best fitness class I've ever taken! The instructors (Donna and Debbie) are motivating, engaging, challenging and even inject humor in their methods. I look forward to this class every week! All levels of students are able to participate because modified techniques are demonstrated. The best part is, there is always the opportunity to challenge yourself to become better! The class is never boring or predictable which makes it so exciting each week. Lastly, the music is fantastic!!! Z-BOX!!!!!!! Yaaay!! It makes the body better!"
- Rita Love

"I LOVE the video and can't wait for your next one to come out. You made me sweat and I felt like I was in your class again. You and your sister and whole crew are so happy and energetic. The video is the next best thing to actually being in your class. I'm SO glad you made it as there aren't any boxing classes up here in my area. I can't wait for you to make another video and I would love to see one that's all kick boxing which is the part I love the most. Thanks for helping me and many others to become more fit and have fun doing it!" - Gale

"I'm 46 years old and have always battled my weight and despised working out. I've been to many gym's through out the years, but there was a certain element of enthusiasm and motivation that was lacking from the various instructors. That all changed when I attended my first class of Zumba and Z-Boxing with the Fitness Motivators! These ladies are high spirited, positive, full of energy and very enthusiastic and passionate about motivating others to have fun while getting fit. First of all, I have to say that I liked the fact that it wasn't taped in a gym or studio because it gave it a fresh new feel than the same old thing done over 100 times. Great song selections too. I have been to many classes of Debbie and Donna's and I enjoy their style, alternating movements, combined with dance and arm weights, just like in their DVD (which is so cool in HD) on my big TV screen! It makes me feel as though I was right back in class with them! (I am my Mom's caregiver now, so I had to leave the classes, but with this DVD I am back in action and feeling great!) I recommend this DVD to everyone. Awesome job! I want to also let everyone who reads this know that by doing Z-Boxing I lost 35lbs and have more endurance, clothes fit way better and everything about me is better. Thank you for your positive motivational influence, your unique workout and to all who participated in this DVD, you have changed my health, my life and my outlook, all for the better! Highly Recommended DVD!" - Donna Marie

"Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout. I was intrigued by it. It seemed to be a fresh take on combining different types of workouts, mainly kickboxing and dance. The kickboxing is not what I would consider either traditional or hardcore kickboxing. They do punches and kicks and repeater knees in a flowing routine that sets the patterns and then repeats the moves in that segment. Some of the dance segments are dance and at least one is what I would consider dancey hi/lo with moves like grapevines. After these four sets, there is a strength workout that I would describe as a flowing low-weight workout. It's rather short and not very intense, so it wouldn't be good for a lot of people for a stand-alone workout. Then, there is a bonus stretch segment. You can pick kickboxing only, dance only, or strength only from the main menu. INSTRUCTORS I kept thinking that the instructors looked A LOT alike. It turns out that two of the three main instructors that lead the segments are twins, Debbie and Donna Lim. It's nice to know that I'm not going nuts! One of the instructors is extremely and effusively enthusiastic. The music had no vocals, but I thought it was pretty good. I noticed that it matched the moves well in several places. I was surprised by how much fun I had in certain places. The kickboxing segments I especially enjoyed as they were flowing and sometimes mixed in tai chi type moves at the beginning or end. I hope this group does more DVDs. It's always good to have new faces and takes on fitness that gives us all more options." - Laura

"This workout is fun and kicks butt! I love kickboxing- they provide a really good workout with awesome moves- time really flies. I'm not usually into dancy videos, but their cuing is so good even I picked up right away and was able to get a great workout. I worked up a nice sweat by the end of this workout. If you like kickboxing I highly recommend, and you will get the bonus of the dance workout. The strength at the end is the icing on the cake. This feels like you're in a live class- the more I do this workout the more I will learn the moves- I hate when there is too much instruction- I get bored easily. Not with this workout!" - Joanne

"Lots of aerobics, works out your heart, keeps you fit and at the same time a bit of dancy moves, I really enjoyed this workout..The girls are enthusiastic and the music follows the workout..I loved it!" - Shirley

"I bought my DVD from Collage video, they rate videos and you can watch a clip before you buy them. I still am hoping you will come out with another one, I am your biggest fan and try to tell people about it. I have not seen any classes in Chicago area though." - Leigh Ann M.

"OMG! The DVD is FABULOUS!!! Look out Beachbody, Billy Banks, Turbo Jam, and Beto. Here come the Lim Twins!!! And this ends any excuse i may have to loose all the junk-in-my-trunk. Thanks for having such a great passion to make this DVD possible. Thanks for continuing to teach workout and instructional classes. You've got a tremendous drive for what you do." - Andrea

"I LOVE this DVD! It's a great workout and you will absolutely break a sweat (which is the whole point, right?) but anyone can do it. Work at your own pace and stick it out. It's very easy to follow for the most part. I got messed up at a couple spots the first time through it but I'm confident it's "user error" and I'll pick it up after a couple of times. That's the great thing about don't have to be all that coordinated and they give you prompts on what's coming next so you're ready. The boxing is my favorite part but it meshes so well with the dance, toning and ZEN that you wont be disappointed. The ladies keep it fresh and entertaining so you al...most forget how hard you're working and you'll be surprised how quick the time flies by. I was so engaged the first time I did it, that I actually clapped at the end of the first two song as if I was in class and the ladies were right there in my family room with me. Then I realized I was alone and felt a little stupid. LOL
It's broken down into sections so it's not overwhelming for the newbie. Plenty of prompts to let you know what's coming next. They always give safety tips like not letting your knee go past your toes. Unbelievable that half of the hosts are 50 years old! Good luck guessing which ones. Easy to follow. Completely engaging! Filmed in HD Upbeat, fun music." - Carrie Gibbs Klave

" Just worked out with the girls using the new DVD. Awesome workout ladies! Thank you." - Cynthia Robert

"After years in the business, you have the ultimate reward - your very own DVD! I am so proud of you and Debbie and what your company has become. I started watching the DVD and couldn't stop and I was excited to finally see Christina teach. She's dynamite, just like her Mom and Aunt! When Mike came home and saw that the DVD was in HD, he insisted we go downstairs to watch it on the big screen. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. He loved the music and said the DVD looked very professional. You guys have done an awesome job, what an accomplishment for Fitness Motivators - CONGRATULATIONS!!" - Michelin Rosni

Z-Box Fitness® caters to ALL Fitness Levels – ALL Bodies!
You will feel Exhilarated!
Expect Quick Results!
Experience the Difference.
No Dancing or Boxing Background Required!

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*Disclaimer: Always have a medical evaluation before starting any new physical activity. If you have chest pain or dizziness during any physical activity, stop and call your health professional. This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. This DVD, website or its owner(s) disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information. Use of ball at own risk and for adults only; no warranty on balls.

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