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leaders in offering quality fitness CLASSES SINCE 1989!

The Level of Expertise That Cannot Be Copied!

More Reasons Why to Participate in a Fitness Motivators Class
  • Our Commitment is to our clients! We are dedicated to helping each client reach their FITNESS GOALS!
  • We greatly appreciate our clients and honored that they allow us to be their fitness source.
  • The Fitness Motivators Team members go through an intense training program to ensure that each member teach the upmost highest quality class possible, while making it fun!
  • Most of our fitness programs are custom designed and the programs we did not create, we add our own flare to make it unique and not like everyone else!
  • We educate our clients, teach at various levels, and ensure safety in every class!
  • We worked hard and earned the reputation as being the leaders in offering quality fitness classes!
  • Fitness Motivators has been in the fitness industry since 1989 - you will get experts who are respected in the industry and not just someone who attended a one-day workshop leading your classes with little or no group exercise experience!
  • We have instructors from other companies attend our classes because they admire our team environment, energy, and unique style we provide!
  • Other fitness companies copy our programs and even this website! We are truly flattered and that is yet another reason why Fitness Motivators is for YOU! - Why go to an imitator when you can get the original?!
What Our Team Instructors Has To Say

"Enjoy exercise? Enjoy working out? Well you should! And Fitness Motivators is a fun group of high-energy people to keep you coming back to class for more!" - Katie

"Other fitness programs do not teach you skills or terminology you can use on your own. Our classes teach you how to perform the exercises correctly and are willing to stay after class or before to help figure out a move or exercise. The energy in these classes are amazing. I felt a personal connection with the teachers and the classes, which led me to want to join the team. We make sure to teach on different levels to ensure at any level in your fitness journey you receive the best workout for you." - Elizabeth

"Thank you very much for having Fitness Motivators as part of your fitness and/or weight loss journey. We've seen so many clients reach their goals which is totally awesome and well worth the hard work we put into our programs! It is because of your dedication on why Fitness Motivators is so successful! We promise to continue to offer affordable, quality, unique fitness programs - and make it fun and entertaining! - Donna

"I'm going to highlight some of the comments I've received over the years about why people choose our classes:

  • There are a variety of classes (if dancing, high impact, or low impact are not your thing, you have options)
  • All the instructors have their own style so you can usually find one that meshes with yours
  • There are different days and times and you can usually find a class that works with your schedule
  • In each class the workouts are unique; no two classes are exactly the same
  • The instructors don't make you feel like you aren't doing enough, even while encouraging you to do more.=
  • The workouts really work; giving you energy, greater strength, more stamina
  • The instructors are not "into" themselves; they are real people with real bodies and real struggles (including memory!)
  • Being able to make up a class, even if with a different instructor, is helpful"

"I am proud of our team. We have the highest quality Instructors and we take pride in our reputation as a team. We are always on time and never a "no-show". Our students are very important to us! As with our team of unique individuals, our students are unique individuals too... We show our students different options in every class and they know that safety is our #1 concern.... The bottom-line, when each student walks into our classroom, they know they are in good hands and we will be there ready to rock their fitness with a BIG ol smile!!" - Debbie

"Students should come join Fitness Motivators because it is the most fun work out you will ever have! And on top of that you will love the results you see in yourself!! Everyone is friendly and judgement free, nothing but fun and encouragement! Who knew sweating could be so fun!! I LOVE working out with Fitness Motivators and would recommend them to everyone." - Samantha

"Because we are THAT team! Just like you want to go to the doctor which a doctor goes to.......wouldn't you want to go to a class which other instructors go to? The instructors are fun and energetic and are approachable. We are inspired by YOU and design our classes for YOU! There's NO intimidation. Wherever you are on your fitness journey know that our classes cater to all fitness levels. We promise you a stress free environment while encouraging you to challenge yourself. You will definitely feel better and rejuvenated after a hectic day when you make the decision to incorporate our classes into your lifestyle." - Kathy

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